weinmonster: How is bill Murray a family friend, I am so jealous and would love to hang out with him. I mean honestly how does that happen

His sister is basically my aunt like his family comes to all our family parties and stuff and they’re all super sweet and they’re hilarious



My neighbor came home from Afghanistan for the 4th time and decided to surprise his son at school. 

is this the dude w the really hot family

Yesssss omg

I’m with Bill Murray’s family for like the 10th time this month but he’s lame and he’s not here :/


more here

rainy summer morning



okay this looks like literally the most perfect thing I could ever ever do omg my heart I want itttt ahhhh cant handle it rain + road trips + coffee it’s too much, too much i say

me n Emma ( darkerskies ) texting

Reason number 62827292 why you’re my best friend